NC Write Cause and Effect Essay

In this essay I will use cause and effect towards Marvel Heroes. I will only use the Advengers because there isn’t many people in that group.First I will start with Iron Man,then Hulk,then Thor,then Captin Amercia. I will not use Black widow and Hawkeye because they have no powers,but I am starting to get off task.But at the first sentence I will give a brief summary about their life.

Iron Man is a Man named Tony Stark. The cause of his power was an attacked by a group of terrorist. The effect of this is his real heart had to come out and be replaced by a machine heart which gave him his power as Iron Man. Another effect is that is heart was slowly killing him,but Nick Fury gave Tony a cure that saved his life and let him become an Advenger.
The next hero is Hulk. Bruce Banner was a scientist that got hit by the impact of a gamma radiation bomb,which is the cause of the Hulk, the effect is the destruction of many cities. Another effect of his power is birth of She-Hulk,Abomonation,Red Hulk and many other version of Hulks. One of Bruce Banners common causes is getting angry. Because of his short temper which leads to the waking of Hulk.
Another hero is Thor a legendary god who is able to control lighting and thunder. He defined his father by going to forbidden lands and attacking his father,Oden,enemy the frost giant. Thor then came back to Asgard and then got angry at his father and was punished by getting his powers taken and sent to earth. A cause is his anger got out of hand,but the effect is he got a new girlfriend and saved his father and home.
Lastly, there is Captin Amercia the first Advenger. Steve Roger was a man during WW2 he wanted to join the army but was too small for the job. His cause to his power was his tiny body,but unlike other soldier’s he used his brain. The effect of this was he was selected to try a super soldier experiment that gave him a huge body mass and super speed. But during a battle an enemy plane crashed in the ocean with him in it. He was frozen but saved by a scientist.



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